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Cultivating Small Business

Whether you are just starting or need new branding. The BLKNGLD Network is a resource to the community and to your small business. BLKNGLD can help you with visibility or add value with our innovation and connections.  


If being seen is not part of your struggle as it is for many small businesses, then perhaps what you are looking for is a makeover, a boost, or an upgrade.


We welcome you to learn more about becoming a BLKNGLD Member to find the best choice for you or your organization.





Compassion, love for one another, & community.


BLKNGLD strives to maintain a

sense of purpose in everything that we do.

In all that we are involved in, whether it's elevating, connecting, cultivating, or innovating, it's imperative that the purpose of BLKNGLD is felt and the value we bring helps to move us ALL forward as a community, with a heavy focus on uplifting the most marginalized among us. 





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About Us

The BLKNGLD Network is comprised of talented professionals in tech, music, project management, art, event management, and business who have one common goal in mind.  Increasing the visibility of innovative ideas and solutions to move ALL people forward, particularly the most marginalized among us.  Historically, marginalized groups tend to have problem solving skills beyond measure due to their proximity to life challenges that often start at an earlier age than others.  The BLKNGLD Network was created to offer individuals with amazing talent a chance to be seen and heard. 


If you have always wanted greater community connectedness or you are curious about what value BLKGNLD can offer you, your family, or your business, check us out.  

Roses In Concrete

Shout out to those who are shining lights in the darkness- we love our community!

If you need help pushing your mission forward schedule a consult with us today!

We want to amplify the mission of individuals that are doing what they have been called to do. 

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