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Connecting our communities with resources to elevate experiences for everyone. 

Culture & Event Cultivation

We ensure culture is included in the community through innovative programming, support for existing organizations, or through equitable opportunities for all.


Contact us to learn more about the impact we have made so far and the bright future ahead for the BLKNGLD Network and communities we serve.

Upgrade Projects & Elevation Groups

We know that some projects take a village. We like to consider ourselves a village that has a common goal in mind, to assist others to get to the next level. These overhaul projects range from the literal sense of actual rehabilitation projects for homes or businesses, to upgrade classes for groups looking to elevate themselves. We provide classes  in financial management, social media utilization, graphic design, the future of construction and much more!

Join our mailing list to learn about upcoming classes and for tips. 

Upgrade Projects & Rejuvenation

"BLKNGLD UPGRADE " is a pilot program designed to take you or your investment to the next level!  In partnership with our local contractor BLKNGLD Members can take advantage of this unique opportunity to renovate your business or personal property. 


But it doesn't end with the material, your rejuvenation project or investment could be YOU!!  The value of this pilot program is to offer curated forums and workshops for cohorts to receive coaching with like minded people to upgrade their mental, physical, emotional, or financial health.

Business & Tech Innovation

Today, small businesses can't afford to lose out simply because they are out of touch with technology or choose not to become more digitally savvy.


There are benefits to being apart of the BLKNGLD Network, but when it comes to innovation and adding value to your business, there is a measurable difference in being a BLKNGLD Member! 

Schedule a FREE consult today to learn more about our digital solutions or the brand activation packages we offer... whether you are an new artist, small business of one, faith-based organization, or large nonprofit- we will add value to amplify your success!

Music, Media, & Journalism

Music is what gathers people. Music is also used as a tool to inform and/or inspire. The members of BLKNGLD hold music dear to their hearts and it will forever be an integral part to our success. GOOD VIBES ONLY a local artist showcase was started in the Antelope Valley by  two of our BLKNGLD partners LaLa and Monzelle. It successfully created a gathering of artists from the genres of poetry, R&B, poetry, Hip-Hop, and much more.  The utilization of technology helped GOOD VIBES ONLY operate during the pandemic virtually, while simeotaneously teaching the founders how to utilize the power of technology to propel an artist, venue or business. These tools and others have been adapted to give a platform to the community for creative expression or promotion of their product or brand. 


Our affiliate program allows you to receive residual opportunities by being a vetted entity or individual within our network.  Become a BLKNGLD member for additional value and benefits, receive jobs pertaining to your craft, and then your only requirement will be to do great work!

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