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AVAC United Youth Sports - ALL STAR GAME RECAP

We had such a good time at the AVAC Youth Sports All Star Game! The energy and excitement were through the roof.

The team enjoyed seeing the amazing talent in the building and hearing from coaches and parents about the impact the league has had on the children in the community. Increased self esteem, motivation to stay active, friendly competitiveness, were just a few examples of how the kids have changed from the beginning of the season to now.

I for one couldn't contain my excitement and pride, I cheered on the entire team and praised the invaluable support of BLKNGLD, which brought a fantastic culture and vibe to the event. My heart was warmed about the positive feedback and the feeling of home BLKNGLD brought to everyone involved.

Monzelle, one of the co-owners of BLKNGLD was deeply moved by the sentimental journey seeing the young talent perform, as it brought back waves of nostalgia, with the added bonus of seeing former high school classmates at the event. It truly was a special weekend, filled with so much heart and soul.

Overall, the team was in high spirits, and the positive energy was contagious. The outpouring of thanks to the volunteers, coaches, and vendors was exceptional. Everyone was in awe of the outstanding energy and talent showcased during the event.

We will see you guys again once the fall season begins!

Photos courtesy of L. Coke Photography visit his microsite on the BLKNGLD App here.

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