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Compare Can Lead to Compete

On my mind this morning. This can apply to all types of relationships, familial, romantic, platonic, etc.

Please keep doing what you are GOOD at. Don't try to jump ship because of the success of someone else. Unless it awakens a personal passion. You may meet people that are good at EVERYTHING. But real talk is, that, EVERYTHING ain't for everybody, and that is ok.

Societal norms and sometimes our parents, or experience with siblings, make us believe that its normal to compare yourself to others. That is not good, what is right is making sure you focused on you, and yours. You as in your inner soul, and yours, as in the ones you must be responsible for. When met with the opportunity to assist, you make the right choice in response. Comparing can lead to competition, it wouldn't be a GOOD choice to compete with someone that doesn't even know they are in a game.

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